More pictures of popular places in Matsuyama

I'd ike to show you some popular tourist spots in Matsuyama.

Dogo Onsen Hot Spring and its surrounding areas

 Rickshaws wait for you to get on  Main building of Dogo Hot Spring
 national important cultural properties
 You can take a bath here for 260 to 1250 yen.
   Upstairs of the building 
This floor is available for purchaser of 860 yen ticket.
  Night view of the building    Shopping street     Marionette clock 
  Footbath free   Dogo streetcar station    Dogo Park that was a castle until 1600 

Matsuyama Castle

 Main donjon   Ropeways and lifts    Main donjon and a turret 
  View from the castle tower   You can also see the sea    Ninomaru Garden at the foot 

Matsuyama Castle, which the three-storied donjon and a subsidiary donjon fortified with several turrets and gates form a typical fort castle
of the 17th century.

The original buildings are gone some except for Inui-mon Gate, some walls and ramparts. The main donjon houses a large collection of words,
armor, documents, works of
art and calligraphy, and mementoes mainly of the lords of the castle.
The charge is listed on the first page.   

Bansuiso Villa


Bansuisou Villa is sited on the side of the mountain Shiro-yama, a short distance from the busy heart of the city of Matsuyama.
The building was originally constructed in 1922 as a villa by Sadakoto Hisamatsu, the son of the lord of the Matsuyama clan
that governed this region until some 130 years ago. Hisamatsu lived in France for many years as a military attache, and the building
is constructed in a purely French architectural style. Opened in 1979 as an art museum, it displays mainly works by artists from
Aichi Prefecture. The exhibition room on the second floor features a permanent exhibit of work by Heihachiro Fukuda, regarded
as a master of modern Nihonga.           (ALL from the site)

Open: 9:00--18:00

Ishite-ji Temple

  Statue of Emon Saburo   Bridge leading to the main gate   Main gate (national treasure)
  Three-storied pagoda in the precincts   Worship hall    Great statue of Kukai or Kobo-daishi

Ishite-ji temple (N0.51th) near Dogo Onsen is one of the most impressive of the 88 Sacred Places (usually called Fudasho) of Shikoku.
It is also known for a gripping supernatural legend deeply imbued with the o
rigin of the Shikoku pilgrimage.Ishite-ji temple offers lots of things
to see, includ
ing the main gate (a national treasure)m the main hall, the three-storied pagoda, the belfry,
the Gomado hall (all important cultural Propertie
s), and the treasure house.

Other attractive sights

 The fare is 160 yen.
 Prefectural Hall   
  Built in 1929
 Gogoshima island and a ferry boat
 Okaido Street  Matsuyama JR station  
 Built in 1927. It will soon be replaced by a bigger
 Shieki bus terminal
 You can move anywhere from here by buses or trains.
 Shikido where the famous haiku poet
 Shiki temporarily lived
 Gintengai Street   Southern moat of the castle 

  The central part of Matsuyama, "Ropeway and Okaido area"  has been selected as the best cityscape Award in 2016 by the Ministry of
  Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
  It's the first time in Shikoku District. Here's an article in a local paper.  (May 27, 2016)